Cambridge Asian Mela 2017

Sanskruti proudly presents Asian Mela at the Cambridge Big Weekend Festival 2017!

This year Cambridge Live has commissioned Sanskruti to organise the Asian Mela. Come and join us in the world of Indian dance, music, arts and craft on Sunday, 9th July, 2017 at Parker’s Piece, Cambridge.

Time: 1pm-5pm at Asian Mela marquee

6pm-6:45pm at World Dance marquee

We bring to you Vivarta: A spectrum of illusions from 1pm-5pm. This includes performances in different classical Indian dance and music forms, popular Bollywood and folk dance styles, audience-interactive workshops in dance and music, and an arts and craft stall for children to make Indian theme craft for themselves! And its all for free!!!

Vivarta promises to be a complete family fun event suitable for all ages and cultural backgrounds!

Complete listing of dance and music styles and performing artists:

Classical dance styles:

Bharatanatyam- Sanskruti students

Yakshagana- Vishwanath Acharya, Bangalore, India

Mohinattam- Shalini Shivashankar, Upahaar School of Dance, London

Kathak- Shilpa Pagonda, St. Neots

Odissi- Sanskruti students

Kuchipudi- Shilpa Pagonda, St. Neots

Classical music styles:

Carnatic music- Sanskruti students

Hindustani music- Sonali Datta, Comberton

Popular dance styles:

Bollywood dance style- Sanskruti students

Folk dance style- Sanskruti students

Arts and Craft Stall:

Tani Gill and Tom Trevor Roberts

Audience interactive workshop facilitators:

Tamara Tirjak and Sumitra Sanathan